Why we choose a water wave wig and how to maintain it?

Water wave wig is becoming more and more popular among girls around the world because it’s natural and easily blends into yourselves’ hair. The water wave wig hair is very light, silky and shiny. Non-tangling, non-peeling, non-perm, has beautiful appearance and easy to maintain properties. That is why the water wave wig becomes the best product.

Tinashe offers high quality 100% human virgin water wave wig with different textures, Brazilian, Peruvian, Malaysian and Indian hair. There are also different lace sizes and even highlights. Check out the pictures and links below to find out more about these cute, wavy headsets.

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Advantage of the water wave wig.

1. High quality and beautiful appearance.

Water wave wig can give you a very beautiful wave pattern. Most importantly, it is also more shiny and natural. The whole looks fuller. Almost anyone can use it to complete any desired look. Water wave hair is perfect to increase hair volume and make your hair look fuller and more beautiful.

2. Natural and beautiful hair tips.

Water wave wig hair is very dense, soft and luxurious, this hair requires less hair bundle to give a beautiful, full feeling. It makes the roots fuller and the tips gradually thinner, producing a more natural or realistic effect.

3. Easy to maintain and style.

Water wave wig is a versatile and versatile hair choice, it is very easy to style and color, so you can create any style you want. This affordable virgin hairstyle is very easy to adopt and maintain style. Therefore, you will spend less time dressing up and more time enjoying life with your new hairstyle.

4. The best longevity.

The reason for choosing water wave wig is that it has the longest life span. This style is a carefree curly bundle. You don’t need to take care often, the installation is time-saving and the longer you wear it, the better the roll looks.

Maintain your water wave wig.

1. Comb water wave wig hair

Use a finger or a wide-tooth comb to thoroughly comb your water wave wig. Starting from the roots of the hair may damage the water wave wig. So you need to comb a little bit online from the tip to make the hair smooth.

2. Wash water wave wig hair

Always keep your water wave wig clean. Hair is dirty, sweat accumulates and knots. Wash your hair weekly. Wash your water wave wig with cold or warm water. Put your hair in the water from beginning to end. If you can, wash your hair with your fingers. Do not rub or twist your hair.

3. Hang the water wave wig to dry

Pat your water wave wig gently and don’t comb when your water wave wig is wet. Hang the water wave wig in a well-ventilated place and let it dry. Let your beautiful hair dry out completely in the air. Please remember that you can’t blow the hair away with a hair dryer, otherwise it will change the curl of your water wave wig or even cause the curl to disappear.

4. Hair care

Don’t forget to perform deep hair care every two weeks. This is to nourish the hair so that it stays well and does not feel dry easily. In this way, there will be no problems of tangling and falling off.

5. Avoid heat-setting hair

You’d better not style your hair, such as straightening or curling. If you must use it, use heat-resistant spray and low to medium temperature.

6. Treat your water wave wig as your own hair

In order to keep your hair in good condition, you must treat your wavy hair like your own hair. The more you care, the better.

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