Virgin Peruvian straight hair curled 3 bundles & closure for Ruiyu Hair

Ross, this is the hair that I’ll be demonstrating my current techniques on. And it is from bring you hair mall or hair company. This is their Peruvian straight hair. I have a 20-inch lace closure, a 22-inch bundle, and two 24-inch bundles installed on a wig. So, this is the hair after it’s been freshly cold wash and blow dried. So just from blow drying. So, as you guys can see I went ahead and I separated the hair into two sections and I just clipped it out of the way I am going to use my key curling wand to get my curls go in. So, I just grow away from my face like so.

And after about twenty seconds or so, I left the curl. Go let it cool in my hand, and then I let it drop. Oh, and there’s my curl. So, I’m just going to be doing this all throughout the video. Just you know, kind of show you guys how I quickly curl my hair, especially when I am on the go. I’m pretty sure you all have seen how I’ve curled my hair in past videos. I always use a curling wand. I’ve never ever got the hang of using a curling iron before. IT’s just never IT’s just never worked out for me. So, I’ve always used a curling wand to curl my hair. I believe that the process of curling my hair just goes by so much faster with this way. Um, so yeah, that’s just how I do IT. And I’ve been doing IT for the longest and this is just what I do.

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Yeah, so just a little bit about this hair. It is the silk is silk is Texas here. I’ve ever tried before. And I’ve been rocking it straight for the longest. So, I decided to just put some curls in it. Um, uh, ok. So clearly that curl did not come out right. I am going to go right back in and fix that bad boy. Now, to preserve my curls, I am going to be using to flexi rods in this section just to kind of hold the curl as I began curling the other side.

Oh, so yeah. Like I stated before this hair is so silky, like I didn’t even press this hair straight for this video. I literally co wash it and blow dried it and this is as silky straight as a guy I believe. If I use my flat iron on it, it was just been like smooth butter. But um yeah, so I basically finished curling my hair and I put you know another set of flexi rod on the other side. And um I didn’t like the curls that the flexi rods had given me. So, I am going a month or so. I didn’t experience any crazy shedding.

Tangles were nonexistent. This hair is really just silky straight hair, but are so sleep thought. I don’t know how else to describe IT. IT’s just smooth, silky straight hair that that’s is IT. Um, um, oh, I um, and I am all dine, as you guys can see. It didn’t take long for me to get these curls at all. I’ve finished within twenty minutes. I really do hope that you guys found this video helpful. I’ll leave all the information for the hair down below in the description.

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