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UNice Mall (www.unice.com), every mouth have more than 1.8M visits and still growing, as a website that only sells hair, this is a very large data. Why UNice Mall have lots of visits, what do they sell and do, how to contact them and how to get their offers. There will be what you want to see here.


Visit UNice Mall, from the navigation, we can easily find than UNice sell very wide variety of hair products, such as hair bundle, closure and frontal, hair extensions, oh, also have hair wig, all these have multiple attributes for choose.

UNice mall have 7 texture for sell, curly, body wave, straight hair, natural wave, deep wave, loose wave and water wave. All these 7 texture have Brazilian hair, Peruvian hair, Indian hair, Malaysian hair. A good news, straight and body wave have 3 color, natural black, T1b/613, T1b/4/27, this is a good choice.

UNice mall have a nice product mix, in order to make shopping easier for customers. Go to Closure and Frontal category, here have some hair bundles with closure or frontal lots, 3 bundles with closure, 4 bundles with closure, 3 bundles with frontal, 4 bundles with frontal, these lots can be found in the UNice mall

A good news, UNice mall supply hair extensions, Clip-in, Tape-in, I-tip, U-tip is good for long hair, if you want longer hair, or you want mix other color, hair extensions will very easy.

If you want wigs,  You can find it on this page wig.

Which product IS BEST SELLING

We can go to catalog and sort by Bestselling, we will find than 3 bundles  and 4 bundles body wave are best selling product. Yes, Most customer like body wave style. also these product have lots of reviews.

Then we can check there Google Customer Reviews, because google customer reviews are all 100% real customer’s for UNice reviews.

1,328 reviews since joining Google Customer Reviews (as of the publication of this post), this is perhaps the site I found most Google Customer Reviews. Most customer give good reviews, only 3.5% customer give negative reviews, for hair online shop, this is very low. also in this 3.5%, have some customers are because the shipping reason, maybe shipping slowly or package lost, all online store include Amazon and Aliexpress also maybe lost package, because shipping is a third party service.

UNice Facebook Pinterest Instagram and YOUTUBE

UNice mall Facebook have more than 230K like and more than 250K followers;

UNice mall Pinterest have 79.8k monthly viewers;

UNice mall Instagram have 152K followers;

UNice mall Youtube have 40K.

Lots of customer like UNice mall, I think there product are no problem.

How can get coupon

You can go to UNice mall online store get their coupon, or go to our site coupon page https://www.hairpopular.com/hair-coupon/, we will supply new UNice coupon or deals. Also have other site coupon for you choose.

Please Check Here’s a Quick Way to Get Unice Hair Coupon Code

How to contact UNice mall

You can contact UNice mall by Unice Contact Us

Go to Amazon Buy UNice Hair

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