Transparent Lace Wig Is Your Best Choice

Transparent lace wig can give you a natural and wonderful look. The lace color is closer to your skin color and hard to see that you are wearing a wig even though looked at a face-to-face distance. You also do not need to bleach the knots as medium brown lace wigs. That is why human hair transparent lace wigs are more and more popular for black women now.

The transparent lace front wig was sewn with an invisible transparent lace frontal or closure with 3 or 4 human hair bundles. The lace frontal or lace closure attached to the front of our head. The lace is very breathable and comfortable. The lace will cover the hairline well.

You can see the difference between transparent lace and medium brown lace from the picture below. How undetectable the lace is! It will be melted into your scalp, supernatural!!!

The transparent lace wig look

The color of transparent lace is suitable for any skin, you can also make a little adjustment to make the color of the lace to match your skin well. The hairpieces on the lace are not too thick or too thin, which according to international standard. Transparent lace is the lightest color lace that aligns on your hairline and looks very natural. The transparent lace wig with pre plucked hairline can blend your scalp best and give you a natural look. The lace is more undetectable on your skin, look like your real scalp.


The transparent lace wig price

Are the human hair transparent lace wigs expensive than medium brown lace wigs? You may be very concerned. No worries, it is the same price as medium brown lace, very affordable.

The transparent lace wig type

For transparent lace, Tinashehair have lots of wig types for you to choose, such as lace front wig, full lace wig, 360 lace frontal wig and short bob wig.

Transparent lace wig and medium brown lace wig, how to choose? 

Transparent lace or medium brown lace, you also consider which one can be most suitable your skin when you are purchasing. Women with darker skin can choose medium brown lace front human hair wig or transparent lace front wig. But for women with lighter skin, transparent lace wigs should be the best choice. Whether you use transparent lace wigs on darker or lighter skin, you can get a more natural look as transparent lace suit your skin best. 

Where to buy the best human hair transparent lace wig online?

If you are looking for the best & affordable human hair transparent lace wigs online, Tinashe hair company that has more than 15+ years’ experience factory is your best choice. is an online human hair wig selling website that offers top quality hair and more affordable prices. There are all kinds of affordable transparent lace wigs with different hair textures and lengths. such as body wave lace front wig, straight human hair 13×6 lace front wig, 13×4 curly frontal lace wig with baby hair & pre plucked hairline, etc.

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