Three kinds of ways to create a lace front wig

A lace front wig could also be a standard choice for girls because they have a full front and back cover so as that they will mimic a natural hairline. To use wigs, glue is common, but there are many other options. If you would wish to understand the thanks to wear a lace wig without glue, sewing, using clips and hairpins are all good options.

Each technique has its pros and cons, so we have put together this easy guide to help you create the only decision, so your crown is often tailored to your needs.

How to prepare a wig

Getting your natural hair ready for your lace front wig may be a crucial step in ensuring your New Look. The way you prepare your hair varies relying on the length, texture, and thickness of the hair, but within the top, you would like your hair to be as smooth as possible.

Whichever method you decide on, start by moistening your hair and scalp and ensuring your forehead is dry. This might help your lace front lay better.

Here are three common ways to arrange hair for wig fitting:


Simple braids or straight back cornstalks are a superb because of preparing a lacy front wig for hair. Short and long hair is often braided, but this is often especially useful for brief and thin hair.

1) if your hair feels dry, use a moisturizer as needed.

2) smooth edges and hairline with styling gel or cream back.

3) divide your hair into four or five sections and concentrate to where you would like your hair to travel.

4) weave each part, twisting at the highest to secure loose edges.

5) pull the braid belt towards the middle and back of the highest and secure it with a reel pin.


The Cornrows creates the foremost flat lace front mounting surface, especially if you prepare a smooth, fierce wig. It is also an honest choice for thick, long hair which can be more prominent with a standard braid.

You can comb your hair or get help to make sure the braid is clean and tight. The braid should not be too tight, or it will strain your edges.


Twisting takes less time to arrange, but hair tends to return out faster. Here are some tips for preparing a smooth twist:

1) use a clip to separate the hair into multiple sections on the highest.

2) loosen a neighborhood of it and apply the moisturizer. Gently blow the merchandise into your hair alongside your fingers and stretch it. Do the same for each part.

3) begin by taking a quick section of hair, dividing it in two and twisting it tightly toward the nape.

Once you can put on the wig, it is time to choose which method of securing it to your head.

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