See How Easily You Can Curl Hair Quickly

How Easily You Can Curl Hair Quickly

In the fast pace of life, our time is very tense, easily curl hair quickly, don’t need much time, you’re going to fall in love with this, we will show you how to from straight body wave style curl your hair quickly and easily, make beauty and soft curl water waves. Why? Do you have enough time to curl you hair all morning?

Structural Small Ring
  • This method does involve heat, so we recommend starting with your favorite heat protector through your lock brush.
  • Split the hair from the ear up into two halves, then fix the head layer to the top of the head. Then divide the hair into two halves, half on the left shoulder and the other half on the right hand.
  • Use the 3/4 “iron to curl each half until you feel the hair has warmed up.”
  • Then pull out your iron and gently put the curls into your hands.
  • Let the top layer down, separating the layer to the left and right sides of the head.
  • Divide each side into three parts, as curly as in step 3.
  • After each part is curled, use a smooth spray to hit your head.
  • If you like your appearance more unkempt, flip your hair and rub it with some texture spray.
How Easily You Can Curl Hair Quickly
Waves and curls on the beach
  • This hairstyle started the night before. Get your hair wet before you go to bed, French weave.
  • The next day, do not do your knitting, naturally separate your hair.
  • If you want a more structured curl, add some curly hair with smaller iron on your head.
  • With your finger, add a little gloss/rub spray.
The official waves and curls
  • First, you comb the heat protection spray on your hair.
  • To create a “hair bungee”, basically two hairpins are fixed on both sides of the hair elasticity.
  • Pull your hair into a tall pony. From “Bungee jumping”, a policeman is nailed to the bottom of the pony and the elastic material is wrapped several times. Insert the last hairpin into the pony bottom to complete.
  • With 1 inches of curly iron beginning to curl the Gaoma part.
  • Once the whole pony curls, gently lay down “bungee” and let your curls loose. Separate the hair and apply some gloss to the hair and finish.

How Easily You Can Curl Hair Quickly

That easy way to curl your hair to waves, if you have other way, please let us know.

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