Make Natural Hair Sew-in Weave

If you have some bundles and want make hair bundles sew-in weave, the easy way is make your bundles to a wig cap, then you can wear your hair or take off anytime, also you can keep more sew-in weave for different hair style.

Hey, babes! Welcome back to my channel. IT’s Jody ann. So, if you want to know how to go from this this so this make sure you continue to watch and into the sky goal. And I really hope you guys find this video helpful and definitely give me a thumbs up in advance for not feeling well in this video, but still recording with that or real for you guys. Love you so much and don’t forget to subscribe. Haven’t already a yeah, um, um, um, where, yeah, no, yeah. Uh way baby a yeah, uh, down look behind you. But, okay, Jason, Iā€™d when the world is scared and okay, I have a dream. We love the only side. So, saying my head, join the army this, oh, with number and with oh, good. Hey, so hm, the we number standard. And there’s a oh, uh, oh, the oh yeah, oh, um, um, I um, right, oh, uh, the right um, yeah, right. Oh, yeah, yeah. Um, um, yeah, um, yeah, um, yeah, uh um, um, that’s true. Um, um, please, oh, and thank you all so much for watching how I do my natural hair. So, in if you want to know how I style is here, definitely check out the video. On the left on the right is how I do the traditional sew in technique with straight hair. So, don’t forget the thumbs up and leave me a comment on what style you would like me to do next.

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