How to Wear a Wig Look Real and Natural

Measure your head accurately to buy the right wig size. Measure the circumference of your head around the hairline, from the forehead to the middle of the back of the neck, and the distance between the head and the ears. Use these measurements to order lace hair wigs or ask the professionals to measure them for you to ensure that they are as accurate as possible. This will ensure that the lace wig is close to your hairline and looks natural and real, but will not squeeze or oppress your skin at same time.

First put on a wig lace cap to cover your hair. Use a protective hairstyle for your natural hairstyle, such as braiding or pinning, or combing your own hair back with hair gel. Then, wear a wig on your head. Choose one that is close to your skin color and make it look like your scalp. This will prevent any stray hair from popping out of the wig lining. Use wig tape to fix the wig for short-term wear. If you wear a wig for less than four hours, stick a small wig behind your hairline and ears. This will keep the wig in place, so it won’t move or fall off while you wear it. Choose the shorter part instead of the longer part, because sometimes the longer part will peel off at the end. You can find wig tape in most cosmetics stores or order it online.

Spread wig gel along the hairline and fix the wig in the right place for long-term wear. If you’re going to wear a wig for more than four hours, it’s best to use a wig gel to fix it. When you locate the wig, tap the glue along the hairline. Then, press the hairline to make sure that the glue sticks the wig to the scalp.

Keep the wig as close to the hairline as possible, so it looks natural. When you have your wig fixed, try to align it with your natural hairline. Before wearing a wig, look in the mirror to confirm the height and height of the wig. This will keep the wig looking natural and prevent your forehead from looking too small or too big. If your hairline is falling back, you may choose a wig with bangs to cover up the position of your natural hairline.

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