How to wash old bundles back to life – straight and wave

Most people bought hair bundles and installed only weeks, if hair bundles don’t have good care, will start to get tangled and matted, maybe someone will give it up. But do you know that better hair bundles have a long-life time and can be last one years or more. Most hair bundles tangled are because don’t has enough care. The correct wash old bundles will let your bundles revive.

Straight hair and body wave are easy to revive because they don’t have more curls.

Remove from your head.

Remove hair weave bundles from your head will easy to wash, if don’t remove from your head, maybe have some difficult yourself, because we need wash it carefully and slowly, maybe you need to keep a pose long time, you will very tired.

Wash bundles use warm water with wide tooth comb

Put a little shampoo to warm water, shampoo will help you easier to remove dust and oil, then put your hair weave bundles into warm water

Keep the footer one direction and the end another direction, the use wide tooth comb combing the hair bundles form end to footer, yes, the important is from end to footer, maybe you don’t understand, like the tangled rope, we always start solve from the beginning of the rope, this easy untie the rope. Ok, let combing the hair bundles from end to footer, and every time comb only about 5cm, until this 5cm don’t tangle, maybe 5-times or 10-times, this 5cm will not tangle, then start another 5cm. Repeat some times till all hair bundles don’t tangle. If hair weave tangle very serious, you can come hair bundles less length like 3cm or 2cm. In all, come it carefully and slowly.

revive old hair weave
revive old hair weave

Deep condition your hair weave

After hair don’t tangle, then need deep condition hair weave, this is easy. While deep learning is an important step in any hair routine, it’s one among the foremost crucial steps in renewing a weave. Deep learning is sort of a mini facial for your hair, and why not let it have an everyday spa day? Deep learning reveals your hair cuticles and permits product to deeply penetrate the strands conveyance back the softness your weave once had.

Dry your hair bundles

The best way is tiling your hair bundles, comb it straight or body wave, then natural dry. This can keep hair bundles less damage and have long-life time.

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