How To Tints Lace Frontal For Dark Skin Girls

When we just got the new hair, we all can not wait to installed it. It will become upset if the lace frontal or lace closure or lace human hair wig we bought can not match with our skin well. There are three color for the lace, light brown, medium brown and dark brown. If you have darker tone, you need to fix the lace color let it can tints your tine well. it’s only a couple steps. Follow us, let us learn this skill.

Bleaching And Tinting The Lace Frontal

Lay the frontal on the flat surface, take some BW powder which you can get from the beauty supply store and just put it inside a bowl any kind of bowl that you have. you have make sure you put on some gloves because this powder really has strong smell. Apply a little Valium developer and blend it. Using plastic butter knife and spread all on the frontal. Make sure you spread all over the lace. after doing so, put aluminum foil covering it on top  and left it about within 20-25mins

Wash with shampoo and condition with masque

Use some ware water wash the lace frontal and remove the powder on the lace. You can see that the lace has become a little brown. Apply some shampoo and hair condition on the hair then leave it about 3 mins.

Transform the Lace Color

Prepare A blow of hot water, I recommend use Adore 109 Dark chocolate. Put one teaspoon in the hot water and mixing it in. Put a teaspoon salt it the salt is just to help cancel the redness of that the difference and this is a technique. dip the lace frontal into the rim be careful use a spoon to just push that closure in and then we are going to leave that for one minute I just left it for one minute just to see how it look whether it Can match your skin color. If not then dip it within2 or 3 mins.

Air Dry

After you got the lace color what you want, use clean water wash the lace it again, then flat the lace frontal on one dry towel and let it air dry.

No Matter What kind of dark skin you have, you can try this method and get the lace color what you want. It will be same to do it on the lace closure, lace frontal wig. Why not have  a try this method at home. It’s the easiest and fastest way to tints Lace Frontal at home.

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