Curly hair isn’t any doubt stunning. Dazzling ringlets, stunning corkscrews associate degreed natural wave hair weave and are lusted once by many an straight-haired girl! there’s an exquisite charm regarding naturally curling hair that permits it to appear relaxed, trendy and charming.

But it is quite troublesome to tame them, particularly on a foul hair day. Sometimes, even the strongest gels don’t work on your curls, going away them unmanageable.

If we wish to tame our luscious locks into a a lot of manageable vogue, or simply fancy a amendment. Straight hair is that the ‘in’ look currently. With the correct tools and a touch of patience, you’ll be able to simply straighten curling hair. it’ll in all probability take longer than it will to straighten wavy hair weave, however you’ll be able to still get identical stunning results.

So, if you follow current trends, you recognize you must positively provide the curling hair to straight hair look a strive. we have a tendency to assist you to attain that sleek vogue, we’ve compiled our final guide to straightening your curling hair.

Depending on the length and thickness of your hair, straightening it yourself is long, however it is also cost-efficient and convenient. selecting to straighten your hair yourself reception can prevent an enormous quantity of cash over time.

straighten virgin hair

WHAT you may would like
A high-heat dryer
High-quality iron
A great spherical brush
A good straightening product
Hair liquid body substance for a sleek, shiny end
Step 1: Wash and condition your hair. Use a mild shampoo and a smoothing conditioner to organize your hair for the straightening method. Straightening, notwithstanding however light you’re, is hard on the hair, thus “babying” it with light hair-care merchandise beforehand will facilitate forestall a lot of harm.

Step 2: Towel dry your hair till it’s a lot of “damp” than “wet”. this implies less time spent blow drying your hair, and that is an honest thing! strive a microfiber towel, that is gentler on the cuticle of the hair than regular towels.

Step 3: sleek a dime-size quantity of a straightening cream, balm, gel, or lotion throughout the hair to induce it prepared for blow drying and flat ironing. check that you do not do it, an excessive amount of will build your virgin hair limp rather than straight!

Step 4: employing a spherical brush, rigorously pull your hair straight as you blow it dry. you’ll be able to alternate between your blow dryer’s hotter and cooler settings to form certain you are not warming your hair. Keep doing this till your hair is totally dry.

Note: If you have got terribly thick, curly hair, this may take a while! If you have got an honest round-brushing technique you’ll be able to be done at this stage, except for a lot of folks, it takes a touch a lot of effort to induce the sleek, straight (but not too flat) look you would like. however do not worry: mistreatment the iron can get the work done.

virgin hair

Step 5: ne’er use a flat iron on damp hair—you should blow dry your hair 1st. employing a iron on damp hair will cause harm that virtually breaks the hair as a result of the temperature of the iron on damp hair will cause the water within the hair to virtually boil, and so burst the hair shaft.

Step 6: place high|the highest} 1/2 your hair in a very bread or clip it on top of your head. Divide very cheap 1/2 your hair into little sections regarding one to 2 inches wide. employing a comb, pull out a part of hair as taut as potential with one hand, whereas smoothing a iron on that section with the opposite.

Start at the roots of the hair and move to the top in one fluid motion, then repeat some of times to form certain that section of hair is straight. once one section is finished to your satisfaction, repeat the method on the opposite sections.

Step 7: If you would like a fuller look, apply a volumizing spray at the roots as you iron every section.

Step 8: once very cheap a part of your hair is finished, undo the highest half and start performing on those sections. Use a hand-held the mirror to visualize the rear of your hair in a very separate mirror to form certain you did not miss something.

Step 9: once you are all done, use atiny low quantity of a siloxane liquid body substance or spray for a sleek and polished look. Serums work best on coarse, thick hair, whereas sprays area unit most well-liked for traditional to fine or skinny hair.

You can see this video to be told a way to straighten your curling hair.

Once you get the tactic of straightening your curling hair, It is easy, and you’ll get faster anytime you have got a go. however if you’re not obtaining the result you’re searching for, here area unit a number of concepts on wherever you’re going wrong and the way to correct them:

1.Applying an excessive amount of or deficient Product

This goes for each before and once you straighten. Applying an excessive amount of product before or once you straighten your hair will leave it greasy and lank. Instead, understand that a touch goes a protracted method in terms of applying merchandise to your hair, and bear in mind to comb it through your hair, not simply leave it on the highest surface of your hair.

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