How to Put on a Wig

When you get your new wig, it is predesigned and ready to wear. Shake your hair gently, and you can put on your wig in a few minutes.

My wig is reversed! Why is this?

Due to the variety of styles, each model has a different packaging method to save. For example, when you open the box, you may notice that your wig is wrapped upside down. This is done to keep the style open and airy. There are other common packaging methods, such as folding, folding, inversion, and upside down. In these methods, the wig is folded or set aside in a specific way. Each method is designed to maintain the style of the wig. 

You can understand the wig has different package ways now, let us see what you should do once you take the wig out of the box. First, put your hand in the wig and shake it to loosen the fibers. If your wig is curly, comb it with your fingers or pictures. If your wig is straight, you can brush it lightly with a hairbrush. Never use an ordinary brush on a wig! It is important to use only styling tools designed for the wig, otherwise you may damage it. When you touch your wig with your fingers, picture comb or wig brush, you will notice that the wig will start to get fuller and look what you want.

Preparing your Natural Hair

Before you wear your wig, you should first prepare your hair. If your hair is small or not, you will need to use a wig eye liner to help keep your wig safe. If you have short hair, just brush it back away from your face. For longer hair, use a hairpin to hold it in place, and use a part of your hair to make a flat curl. Distribute them evenly over your head to avoid bumps and bumps.

However, wig pads are still recommended for those with hair and can be used to hold all lengths of hair.

Put on your wig

Now it is time to put on your wig. Follow these simple steps to put on your wig:


Hold the position of the label behind the wig with both hands. Tilt your head slightly forward. You will put on a wig and move back and forth.


Place the front part of the wig over your eyebrows and put on the wig just like wearing a shower cap. Move the wig back and forth and put it on your head correctly.


Push the front of the wig back until it is slightly below your natural hairline. Put the two ears in front of the ears and the wig in the middle, without covering it. When the wig feels comfortable, put the lost hair away.

If the wig feels too tight or loose, use an adjustable Velcro at the back of the wig to fit your head. You can adjust the circumference of this wig so that it is half an inch on each side.

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