How to put on a wig when you have thick hair

Wigs are very common in our life and used by most people as a means of being beautiful, charming, and fashionable. You can change the hairstyle from short hair to long hair, or from straight hair to curly hair easily. And there are a variety of hair colors are also available for you to choose. You can choose human wigs or synthetic fiber wigs according to your demand and budget. There are many people who need wigs, not just those with hair loss problems. Many people without hair loss issues also fall into the colorful wigs’ world. However, some people who with long and thick hair may feel struggling when it comes to wearing a wig. Today we are going to introduce you to the method to make your own thick and long hair comfortable with a wig.


Braiding hair is one of the effective ways to hide all of your hair under wigs. It may cause some clumps and bumps in a certain degree, and the 100% flatness cannot be ensured. However, it’s a god way to protect your own hair from falling, and it looks relatively natural when you are wearing a wig. You can braid your hair into several styles, but you need to minimize the unevenness caused by braiding. If you do not eliminate these bumps, you will always feel clumsy, weird appearance and discomfort. French braids are the most common style chosen by wig wearers to produce a flat effect. The detailed steps are as follows:

Step 1: Start by separating the hair down from the middle and then divide it into two even parts. If the hair is too thick, you can divide it into four sections with even hair volume.

Step 2: Braid each section loosely, starting from the area which near the scalp. Please notice that too tight braids may cause lumps easily. You can find videos on YouTube to learn how to braid the hair. After braiding all of your hair, you can fix it with a hair tie.

Step 3: After braiding all of your hair, you can wrap the braid around the front of your head or the back of your head. Then fix the braid with a bobby pin. Wrapping the braid in front of the head seems to be better at holding and fixing the wig, but it looks more noticeable. You can place the braids in any position as you want. Just make sure it is as flat as possible.

Step 4: If there are two braids on each side, wrap them around your head one by one. Continue wrapping until all the braids are resting on the scalp. In addition, if you choose to wrap the braid in front of your head, remember to keep the braid at a distance from the hairline. Otherwise, it may expose your braid to a wig and looks unnatural. Similarly, overlapping braids can cause lumps either.

Step 5: The last step is to wear a wig. If you want to avoid your wig touching your hair, you can wear a wig cap. The braid allows you to put on the wig easily because it helps to fix the wig and prevent it from slipping.

Believe this method can work with you well to wear a wig. In such a hot summer, you can get a short curly bob wig to make you cooler during the summer. Here are varies short bob wigs for you to choose: you will definitely find a favorite wig.

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