How to make your hair bundles last longer

How to make your hair bundles last longer

As we know, when we use hair bundles, it is not easy to maintain it, some hair bundles or hairstyles maybe easy to tangle and shedding, and most hair bundles are expensive, so we need more care and attention in order to ensure that your hair can have a long-life time.

Buy good hair bundles.

We all know that hair bundles have cheaper and expensive, buy do you know why?
Hair bundles have none-remy hair, remy hair, virgin hair, different hair the price is different. For example, 18 inch 3 bundles straight hair, some seller only sell 50 dollars, and also have seller sell 100 dollars. If this 2 and you have 100 dollars, you will buy whick one, spend 50 dollars or all your money. If the cheaper bundles can be used 2 months to half year, and the 100 dollars bundles can used 6 months to 1 year even 2 years, how do you choose.
So, first we thick buy good hair bundles can be cheaper to use last longer.

Keep your hair bundles clean.

Dirt build-up in your extensions will cut their lifespan short as it can cause breakage and shedding. Keeping your hair clean with a mild shampoo is key to its health but beware of over-shampooing (too harshly and too regularly) as this can cause your hair to become dry & damaged as it’s stripped of nutrients and oils. Always follow up with a rich conditioner, and regular salon treatments.

Let hair bundles naturally dry.

If your hair often wet, it will easy to tangle, so need dry the hair. Naturally dry your hair will easier to maintain hair nutrition, make hair more soft and healthy.

Use good shampoo

As ourselves hair, hair bundles also need use shampoo, and better used good shampoo, because the hair bundles were cut down, can not get anything from our body. So, we need give it more nutrition.

Use the right hair brush

If you are straight hair you can use paddle brush, which can make your hair looks smoothing out naturally straight, and if the hairstyles is curly hair and wavy hair, wide tooth come is better, you can use wide tooth brush to keep it shiny and health.

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