How to make the short bob wig

What’s the bob wig?

In short, it is a wig with a Bob hairstyle. The length range of this hairstyle is generally short or medium. In order to meet this requirement, we often cut hair at high temperatures. Not particularly short, the jaw level is perfect. We also have stripes on the front.

According to the introduction of the hair stylist, Bob hairstyles are suitable for any hairstyle. All you need to do is retouch a little bit to cover up the blemishes on your face and enhance your beauty. It is not accidental that Bob hairstyles are widely popular among many people. Long hair usually gives you a gentle and feminine look, while bob hairstyles usually make you look younger, sporty, and fashionable. In addition, Bob hairstyles contain small fresh styles. Each hairstyle will give you a different look.


You are worried that Bob’s hairstyle will ruin the outline of your face, so you want to know if you should cut your hair. Therefore, if you have a long hair wig, try cutting it off and putting it on. After that, if you like and want to stick it on your face, you can cut your real hair with a Bob hairstyle.

How make the bob wig?

First of all, we need to cut the wig into Bob. We must first wear the wig. Put the wig on the model’s head. It will be easier for you to trim. Next, divide the wig into small segments (at least three segments). This step helps you ensure that you do not cut the part twice or skip the part. To separate them, you can use a ponytail holder. Please show rubber bands when you don’t need to cut your hair.

Now it’s time to cut the wig. You need to use the rubber band as the destination and then straighten your hair underneath it.

Now, let’s design a Bob wig to make the Bob hairstyle more suitable for your face.


Bob wigs suitable for different face shapes
– Peach-shaped face: The hairstyle should highlight the highlight bone and produce a plump effect on the chin. Therefore, you can make the length of the Bob wig longer than the length of the chin. After that, use a styling tool to make the hair fluffy. In addition, if your forehead is too wide, you can use bangs to cut a Bob wig.

– Round face: For round face, you should also make the short hair wig look longer than the chin. In addition, put the hair on one side. That will make your face look slender.

– Oval face: The oval face is suitable for almost all hairstyles, including Bob. Therefore, you can try to use any type of bob. You can create some waves on the wig, which can make your appearance look different.

–Square face: You can try a Bob wig with a height lower than your chin. You can also try to bang. The best bangs for square faces are in the middle of the eyeliner.

– Oval face: If the correct hairstyle is used, the oblong face can become an oval face. To make your face look shorter, you can make a bob with the same length as your chin. For example, popular bangs and soft waves come to make your face look softer. Remember to use the hairstyle tool to create a lot of bob hairstyles.

If you have, never cut your hair before, and this is not easy. If you are not sure about your abilities, please go to a professional salon and ask the barber to help you. They have rich experience in hair styling. Maybe they need to spend too much time, but you get good results. They will also give you some suggestions about which style should be used.

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