How to Keep Curly Hair?

As the saying goes, beauty starts from the head, so many people like to get their own hairstyle. For girls, perm is a preferred choice. But how to keep curly hair is a difficult problem, so today we will talk about it.

First of all, I’ll tell you how to keep our curly hair after we finished the styling. When we just curl our hair and go home, it will inevitably leave the taste of Medicine on our head, but we should not wash it as soon as possible, try to keep it for about 3 to 4 days, so that the effect of hair stereotyping will be better. When you get up in the morning and comb your hair, don’t comb it very neatly, so that the curl of your hair is not obvious, then apply some elastin, or set it. These are the tips for the day before the perm.

Now let’s talk about curling hair during the later stage .First, after we usually wash our hair, we should dry it a little before blowing it. In the process of blowing, we should distinguish the boundaries of hair in advance, so it is easier to blow from beginning to end. But the hair can not be blown too dry, so it is not convenient to set the back. After blowing, the hair should be divided into left and right parts from the back of the head. Then, according to the direction of the curl of the hair, the hair should be curled while blowing, or the hair should be kept rotating by hand, which also plays the role of curling comb.

To facilitate your understanding, I have listed a few suggestions for you to refer to.

  1. When the hair is still wet, brush or comb the hair with coarse teeth, but don’t pull it。
  2. Never brush dry hair with a hairbrush. Otherwise, the curls will straighten out easily and the hair will break easily.
  3. Don’t use a high temperature hair dryer. It’s not too close to your hair.
  4. It’s better to use a big windmill to make the perm fluffy without messing up the curls.
  5. After shampooing or in the morning when finishing hair style, to use the American style products have increased the strength of hair curls.
  6. The gloss of curly hair is poor. Hair brightener should be used to increase the gloss of hair.

Well, I have said so much to you, I believe you all have a certain understanding, I hope these are helpful to you, and I hope you can become more and more beautiful.

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