How to do a quick ponytail with hair bundles?

Every one admires who has long ponytail, Especially the back for the girl who has long

Ponytail, that is amazing can shocked lots passers-by. Have you ever do the ponytail with the hair bundles by yourself? Have your ever do try the ponytail style? Do you want to try long ponytail?  

What do you need ?

One comb, a few brands, a bottle of Moisturizing spray, gel or wax, hair bundles, the bundles you should choose the style what you want and the color should be close to your natural color.

Step 1. Straighten your own hair roots

If your own hair is bomb and thickness, you need to use one hot comb or iron-flat straighten your own natural hair. You can use Fantasia’s spray heat protection and then to get the roots a little bit straighter. After the roots straighten, you can apply the wax  to the

perimeter of her hair and edges.

Step 2. Sliked your own hair up to one ponytail

spritz up and lay down your own natural hair now. everybody has their own techniques and methods of doing things when it comes to you know certain styles use the free spray or got2b spray spray her own and get her hair down. You can spray it side by side or section by section. In this process, you can use a hair-dryer to helps dry and mold the hair down. Repeat spay it and use hair-dryer dry and mold the natural hair until your own natural hair become sleek and smooth.

Step 3. Create the baby hair

You can comb down your own edge and using your own hair to do the baby hair, it will looks natural. Spritz a comb and blow-dry just sweep all that up. Smoothing the hair in the front like a swooping motion like swooping towards the back.

Step 4. secure your ponytail

go ahead and plot your natural hair leave out all the way down to the end and you might want to secure that with a rubber band or something so that it does not come and loose. Using some wrapping paper and wrap natural hair from the top from the root of the ponytail all the way down towards the ends.

Step 5. Add the human hair bundles on this ponytail

Take our the hair bundles that you prepared.  Then start from the bottom of that plant and just wrap the hair around from the bottom to the top.I suggest you can use 2 hair bundles. Wrap all the human hair weave bundles on the ponytail and you can apply hairspray if it’s necessary.

After you got this skill, do you want to try high ponytail? What kindly of ponytail you will try to do it? one long straight ponytail hair or curly hair ponytail or water wave ponytail. However, what texture ponytail you got, it will be a new look for your dates.

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