Detangling your Brazilian human hair bundles

In order to make sure your hair is free tangle, it’s necessary to use an outsized, wide-tooth comb to comb your hair, begin comb from rock bottom of the hair, middle half to the top, step by step gently. For Brazilian nappy hair, we tend to even recommend you utilize your firngers to combe your hair rather than a comb.

Washing your virgin Brazilian hair

Like our own hair, virgin human hair has to be washed ofttimes. Usually, we advise the hair may be washed and conditioned a minimum of once per week. Use sensible quality shampoo and acquisition product. Wash the hair in one direction, type the highest to bottom. it’s important to hydrate your hair to present them enough nutrients and wet, so create your natural hair weave look healthy.

Drying your Brazilian natural hair weaves

When you end the procedure of laundry and condationing, it’s necessary to dry your virgin Brazilian hair with an accurate means. To avoid to crimp, please ne’er rub your hair with a towel, instead, it’s higher to pat the hair to dry. it’ll be the simplest to let your hair air dry rather than blow dry. If you continue victimization your dry blower on your hair, please make sure the blow heat is that the lowest to scale back the injury for the hair.

There ar hair care tips higher than to assist you parotect your virgin Brazilian hair. we tend to additionally hope the following pointers will answer a number of your questions about your hair extensions. Take your best care of Brazilian hair, it’ll be last one year or longer time!

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