How to care for human hair?

Choosing a good human hair wig is very important to our daily life. Because it not only allows you to change the appearance flexibly, but also provides many frequent moments in your life. Compared with the hair bundles that people often use before, it also saves us a lot of time and money for installation and sewing. So we all want to know how to maintain our wigs reasonably so that they can have a longer service life.


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In fact, it is not difficult to maintain and clean wigs. I just need to treat it as softly as our natural hair. Normally we need to clean the wig once a week. Every time you clean the wig. It will shorten the life of the wig. Therefore, wigs are not washed as often as possible.

Before preparing to wash the wig, we need to use our fingers or a wide-tooth comb to gently remove the tangles. We need to slowly comb the hair from the tail end to avoid damage to the hair. Don’t brush your hair with a brush.

Do not soak the wig while washing it. Hair should be rinsed in running cold water. Let water flow from the root of the hair to the end of the hair.

Then apply an appropriate amount of shampoo to the hair, gently and evenly from the root to the end of the hair. Then start rinsing with running cold water until thoroughly rinsed.

Take a small amount of conditioner in your hand and apply it evenly from the root of the hair down to the end of the hair. Do not apply the conditioner to the cap of the wig. This may cause the hair to fall out.

After 2-3 minutes, start rinsing with running cold water until the hair is thoroughly rinsed. Squeeze out excess water gently. Remember not to dry the wig.

Then distribute the washed fake to the wig rack to let it dry naturally, do not use a hair dryer, because the hair dryer will make the hair dry and knotted.

We can also style the wig when necessary. We can straighten or curl the wig.


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When the wig is not worn, the wig can be issued on the wig rack. We need to choose a wig rack that is smaller than the wig cap to prevent the wig cap from being stretched. It is also necessary to distribute fakes to places where the sunlight does not reach, because direct sunlight will make the hair fade. When you sleep, take a shower or swim, be sure to remove the wig and put it away. Sleeping in the wig, showering or swimming may cause hair loss or breakage. With the passage of time, your wig will lose a little amount of hair, which is a necessary stage of the wig’s life cycle. To avoid wigs in contact with chlorine and hot water, so as not to damage the wig.

Any kind of hair cutting or chemical treatment (such as perm or hair color) should be done by a professional hair stylist. We do not recommend bleaching human hair because the deposited color provides the best results.

Don’t use too many styling products on the wig, it will reduce the service life of the wig. Wearing a wig can also extend the life of the wig, because the wig can absorb scalp oil when worn on the head, which can extend the life of the wig.


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