How to Apply a Human Hair Lace Front Wig

Many people love lace wigs made of 100% human hair and high quality Swiss lace for their versatility and affordable price compared with hair sets of hair bundles and lace closures combination. There’s natural hairline at the front of the lace wigs to make your hairstyle looks more natural and allow you to pull the wig away from your face, so that you can do more hairstyles to match with your makeup in your daily life looks. So how to apply a human hair lace front wig to your head quickly and correctly? It’s easy to reach a great state for your lace wigs if you follow these steps below.

Step 1.

Do a skin test before apply for the lace wigs because some people are allergic to the chemicals on the hair used to keep the lace wigs in good condition. If the skin keeps healthy and normal, you can go to the next step to wear the lace wigs.

Step 2.

Flatter your hair and put on a stocking cap or a wig cap to help the lace wig stay in place. Put on the wig cap gently and keep your flattened hair tidy and adjust the wig cap to cover all your hair and your hairline. Then put on the lace wig to your head. You need to make sure the lace wigs fits your head properly, so you can adjust the elastic band or straps inside the lace wigs to make sure a comfortable state for your head.

Sep 3.

Once your wigs fits properly, you can trim the excess lace away from the front lace. Then apply a liquid adhesive along your hairline and you can wait a few minutes before wearing your lace wig. Pull the wig on when the hairline glue goes tacky so that the wig can be arranged perfectly. Then you can style your hair to any way you like with curling wand or blow dryer in a low setting on temperature.

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