All you need to know about Bob wigs

Human hair short bob wigs are really suitable for Summer. have many types bob wigs for black women, such as side part straight hair short bob Wig, colorful wigs straight hair, pixie cut short human hair bob wig, short bob wigs with bangs, side part bob wig, etc. You will learn more knowledge about short bob wigs with this article below.

The type of human hair Bob wig

Bob hairstyle which was born in the early 20th century, the mushroom head are popular in the 1990s. Bob hairstyle has always been very popular for black women. Short Bob wig is very fashionable and has a cool feeling. The most wonderful thing about bob wig is that no matter what kind of face shape you have, it has a way to fit your face well .

Short Bob wig

Short Bob wigs human hair are a good choice for black women with thin or bald hair, because even short straight hair bob wig looks full. The short Bob wig with natural waves softens the strict features, and the bangs look especially young and lovely.

Side part bob wigs

side part straight hair bob wig

The requirements for the face shape are relatively high for Bob wig with bangs. But side part short straight hair bob wig can improve the shortcomings of wider faces, and leaving the hair on both sides longer to cover the over-wide shape. Side part bob wigs looks very temperamental, full of domineering, refreshing and reduce age again.

Natural wavy wave bob wig

short wavy wave bob wig

Natural wavy wave let the hair looks fluffy and fuller, you can also braid it according to your preference. Wavy wave bob wigs are suitable for college students. The bob hairstyle is with a very simple natural curl. It is slightly fluffy and creates an indescribable lazy wind. The hair floats with the wind, so sexy and charming, super nice, the overall temperament looks good and fashion.

How to wear a Bob wig?

Many women who like to wear short bob wigs are not very likely to wear wigs by themselves. The wrong install method will not only delay time but also reduce the lifespan of bob wig. So today we will teach you how to wear bob wigs correctly and quickly!

Wear a wig cap to protect your real hair. Put the short bob wig on your head, then pull the wig to the back of your head and pull the wig forward towards your hairline carefully. Adjust the straps at the back of bob wig as needed to let the wig fit your head shape well. Then secure with the attached combs in wigs. Use glue to secure the lace on your head which is close to hairline. You can also sew a elastic band in the wig to secure the bog wig on your head well. Whether you choose a lace front bob wig or a full lace bob wig, you can part it to any side. You can also choose different hair color according to your skin, such as highlight color, ombre color, 613 blonde color or colorful color.

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