5 Crucial Tactics for Make Your Wig Look Natural

5 Crucial Tactics for Make Your Wig Look Natural

Lots of people were trying to make wig for the first time, their first wig was a complete fail. Their wig look unnatural and very bad. Some of the reasons they don’t know will lead to problems with make wig. Here are 5 crucial tactics for make your wig look natural.

Use enough hair bundles

I know some girls only buy 1 bundle or 2 bundles, maybe 2 bundle 8 inch or 10 inch can make full head, but will thin. So, what is mean about only 1 bundle, their may be 2 reasons, not enough before or she don’ know. When order bundles, seller will tell us how many bundles is better for full head. In most case, short length need 3 bundles, and long length need 4 bundles at least if you want very thick feeling, also, one more bundles or use a closure or frontal is better, do you think is it right?

Choose the right wig cap

The right size, and with adjustment strap wig cap, will be a lot of benefits, for example, not easy full of, looks natural. Wig cap have some types, U wig cap, net wig cap, no lace wig cap, full lace wig cap. Full lace wig cap with adjustment is best, it looks very natural, don’t worry the size, very good air through, more easy save wig when don’t wear.

Right Brush your wig

Combing or brushing your wig flat can quickly create it look faux. you would like your wig to seem natural and real hair ne’er sounds like it will on TV, it’s texture and movement. Hold your wig in your hand and shake it the other way up, then place it on and use a wire brush or anti-static (as this prevents any electricity and prolongs the lifetime of hair) to vogue it. memory to brush gently, as a wig will not take identical pressure that natural hair can.

Don’t be afraid of your fingers

Running your fingers through your wig can help create body and movement which will mimic that of natural hair. Giving it a little rustle with your fingers, in the way women often do when trying to fan out their fringe to give it an instant lift when you’re out and about. Often you can style a wig with your fingers alone.

Give it a little TLC

Keeping your wig in its best condition doesn’t take much effort, and if cared for correctly will look brand new for a long time. Ensure you always brush wigs with a wig-friendly wire brush and wash it every 3-5 wears with products specially formulated for hair. We also recommend spraying your wig with the Starkles sheen spray every six wears to maintain shine and healthy looking hair. Wigs must be hand washed in cold water, as hot water can damage them.

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