What is the Difference between Normal Lace and HD Lace?

As we all know, HD lace is very hot-selling and popular in these days. Everyday people send inquiry on our store searching HD lace. But it is always sold out quickly. So, some customers are curious that what is HD lace? What is the difference between Normal Lace and HD Lace? About some common questions, I will give answers as below. read more

Transparent Lace Wig Is Your Best Choice

Transparent lace wig can give you a natural and wonderful look. The lace color is closer to your skin color and hard to see that you are wearing a wig even though looked at a face-to-face distance. You also do not need to bleach the knots as medium brown lace wigs. That is why human hair transparent lace wigs are more and more popular for black women now. read more

Do you know HD lace wigs?

HD lace wig, as you can see from its name, is a wig cover made of high-definition lace as one of the raw materials. At present, the wigs we often see in the market are mostly composed of hair and lace net. But most businesses still use ordinary lace when making wigs. But ordinary lace has some limitations, such as the color of ordinary lace. As we all know, ordinary lace itself has color, mostly brown, but it is precisely because ordinary lace itself has color, which makes it difficult to wear the wig cover. When using ordinary lace wigs, we need to cut the lace to the right length according to our own needs, and then use cosmetics to carefully close the lace to the skin and cover up the lace. It is best to paint lace in the same color as the skin. But it will cause some trouble. read more

What is 360 Frontal Wig

Every day, there are many opportunities for you to meet the person you like, even if it is only a dance, how to leave a beautiful impression on the person you love at first sight? Wearing a wig is the easiest and most convenient way. Are you going to buy a lace front wig for your first wig? It is strange for a new woman who are interested in the human lace frontal wigs. Because there are many kinds of 100% human lace frontal wigs in the wig market. Such as 13*4 frontal lace wig, 13*6 frontal lace wig, full lace frontal wig and 360 frontal wigs. You may have doubts because you cannot know them apart. Do not worry about it, the article will help you to know about the 360 frontal lace wigs. Or you can watch pictures and article in this link read more

Three kinds of ways to create a lace front wig

A lace front wig could also be a standard choice for girls because they have a full front and back cover so as that they will mimic a natural hairline. To use wigs, glue is common, but there are many other options. If you would wish to understand the thanks to wear a lace wig without glue, sewing, using clips and hairpins are all good options. read more