How to install a full lace wig

As we all know, the price of bundles and closure / frontal is lower than price of wig, and if you choose bundles with closure / frontal is easy to make hair style, but if you buy it from the hair store in web. You have to spent time to sew it to a full wig with glue. Installing to full wig need much time and superb mending skills. Let me introduce the process for you. read more

Where can I buy a lace closure with transparent lace?

With the development of the economy and the improvement of living standards, the hair extensions have become a necessity for women. The hair extension not only can make the women looks beautiful but bring the women more elegant and confidence. So, the hair extensions become more and more popular. read more

How To Tints Lace Frontal For Dark Skin Girls

When we just got the new hair, we all can not wait to installed it. It will become upset if the lace frontal or lace closure or lace human hair wig we bought can not match with our skin well. There are three color for the lace, light brown, medium brown and dark brown. If you have darker tone, you need to fix the lace color let it can tints your tine well. it’s only a couple steps. Follow us, let us learn this skill. read more

Where to buy transparent lace Wigs Online

Maybe you often buy lace wigs online, but there are many hair sales websites, such as Ali-express, Amazon, eBay, besides some hair sales companies’ own websites. And there are many stores on one website. You shop around but maybe you still have a bad experience, worst hair, higher price, worst after-sale service. So you’re dying to know the best place to buy transparent lace wigs online now. Where to buy best transparent human hair lace wigs with cheap price? You will get top quality for transparent lace wigs human hair with affordable price at read more

Where to buy the first transparent lace hair order?

How’s the transparent lace wigs look? Why the transparent lace is so hot in market? Where to buy a good quality HD lace hair order? People always ask Google these questions to take as consideration when they have strong intention to buy some transparent lace hair products, or we can called it the HD lace. It is selling so good this summer that everyone wants to get one. Today some brands will be picked up who are with long-time experience in human hair industry and now selling transparent lace hair products as well. read more

What does a transparent lace closure look like

We usually purchase medium brown lace closure or frontal before we know transparent. Maybe someone ask what the difference is between medium brown lace and transparent lace. After you made hair into a wig, you need to install it. So when you install hair, the medium is a little different from our owm skin, so you need to make up this lace, then let it close to our skin color,then let hair looks like more realistic. read more

The Difference Between Full Lace Wig and 360 Lace Wig

Wigs are popular among black people, but with people’s demanding of beauty become higher and higher,more and more people enjoy using wigs to dress up themselves. There is vast variety and wide ranges of wigs are available in market. We usually confused about full lace wigs and 360 lace wigs, what difference they have? read more

What is Transparent Lace Closure

For many women, beautiful hair is not only about the image and temperament of women but also stand a stroke of good luck. It is also the meaning of a woman’s particular style and personality as well as her health and history. Hair style is very important for women, clothes can be free, but hair style signify the spirit and attitude of her life. This is why women need make sure your hair is always natural and gorgeous everyday. It is very important and necessary. read more

Where Can I Buy A Lace Closure With Transparent Lace?

When we buy the lace closure or lace frontal online ? every one has their own prefer. Some one  like the dark brown lace, others like the light brown lace. Transparent Swiss Lace is designed in 2019, it can match different skin tone, more and more people would like choose one lace closure or lace frontal or human hair with transparent lace. it has been become a new fashion trend now. read more