12 listing regarding hair you would like to understand

12 listing regarding hair you would like to understand

12 listing regarding hair you would like to understand

There area unit some queries hair consumers typically asked. this diary can assist you figure it out.

1.WHAT IS THE distinction BETWEEN HUMAN HAIR and artificial HAIR ?

Synthetic Hair:Burning smells sort of a burning plastic,there is alittle flame,and feels viscous once it burns out . Human Hair:Burning smells sort of a burnt fragrance ,human hair burns out terribly quickly ,and sounds like coke .it conjointly simply becomes ash.
Q2.Why is your hair thus low cost ?

A: as a result of we have a tendency to area unit simply a hair manufacturer, we’ve got our own industrial plant, warehouse and skilled client service team. we have a tendency to sell hair from industrial plant to customers directly ,no middle men, thus we would like to supply quality hair with affordable value.

Q3.What is distinction between Yaki straight and sleek Straight ?

A: There area unit several tiny curls on Yaki hair , thus Yaki hair feels coarse . sleek straight is incredibly straight ,silky and sleek.

Q4.What do “Free half closure” “middle half closure”and “three half closure”mean ?

A: Free half closure suggests that the closure is free halfing and you’ll part your hair anyplace by yourself.

Middle half closure suggests that the closure is with a plain middle parting that we have a tendency to created beforehand ,but you’ll still half your hair anyplace .

Three half closure suggests that the closure is with visible middle parting ,left parting and right parting that we have a tendency to created beforehand ,so you’ll switch parting terribly simply .

has middles half for Body Wave and straight hair, others area unit free half (including deep ringleted, loose wave, loose deep, natural wave,kinky curly).

Q5.What is hair weave /weft ?

A: Hair Weave/Weft extensions area unit wefts of human hair stitched on to a flat track.They are generally related to braid weaves to create one’s hair seem thicker or longer.

Q6.What is hair closure?

A: Hair closure conjointly referred to as high closure is really alittle attire that is sometimes accustomed match weave on vogue.According to totally different base material,hair closure is usually classified into lace closure and silk closure.Silk closure is a lot of natural.

Q7.What is full lace wig?

A: Full Lace Wig may be a lace wig that human hairs area unit all airy on French lace ,Swiss lace ,PU or different bases.So it’s all camp-made work and dearer ,but it’s terribly natural.You can half your hair anyplace as you would like and wear high coiffure.

Q8.Can I straighten my ringleted hair ?

A: we have a tendency to don’t advocate to straighten ringleted hair as a result of it’s going to cause hair issues like shedding and tangle.So had higher stay constant ringleted look.also kinky ringleted hair is simple to recover curl once straightened,and it’ll hurt hair an excessive amount of,so we have a tendency to don’t counsel our purchasers to restyled kinky ringleted HAIR

Q9.Can I dye my ringleted hair?

A:For virgin hair ,yes you’ll dye it ,but ringleted hair isn’t simple to work by yourself , thus please let an expert stylist assist you and don’t try this yourself. as a general rule it’s easier to darken the hair than to lighten it.

Q10.what is bleached knots ?

A: Bleached knots facilitate build the hair seem as if it’s growing from the scalp. once hair is tied to the lace, there’s a dark knot wherever the hair is secured. Bleaching or “lightening” the knots reduces the visibility of this knot. On off black (1B) and dark brown hair, the knots area unit lightened to a lightweight brown shade. flash brown and blonde and shades typically don’t want bleached knots.

Q11.what is the glueless wig cap?

A: On glueless cap,there area unit combs thereon, to avoid the wig slip down.also,at back,there is AN adjustable strap, you’ll alter it to suit you well. wigs is simply like this.

Q12.How to maintain my ringleted hair ?


1.Choose a shampoo & condititoner that fit your hair sort.

Curly or coarse hair most likely needs frizz-minimizing and softening shampoo.

Colored or treated hair most likely desires a shampoo that is fortified with extracts or amino acids.

2.Proper thanks to deep condition ringleted hair.

Deep condition a minimum of once per week with cold water.Apply moderate the conditioner beginning regarding an in. down from the foundation all the method right down to the ideas of your hair,Wait regarding quarter-hour before removal,then use a good toothed comb operating up from the ideas to the roots thus your hair.

3.Proper thanks to blow-dried cury hair

After washed the hair ,towel off your hair slightly, only enough to prevent the dripping.Don’t rub your hair with the towel.Start blow drying at the top/roots, regarding six inches aloof from your scalp with low-temperature setting.Work your method down and leave your hair a bit bit damp. (Tips: If you would like some carry and volume, use your hands to comb your roots up and blow-dry).

4. Styling ringleted hair

Shape the hair by scrunching it some a lot of and twirling items around a finger.

Avoid mistreatment brushes and narrow-toothed combs and avoid touching your hair the maximum amount as potential.This can separate your curls and cause unwanted frizzle.

Don’t straighten ringleted hair as a result of it’s going to cause hair issues like shedding and tangle.

Color hair with an expert stylist facilitate.

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